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 12 Hour Bright (Light) StickOur emergency glow sticks last for 12 hours and have a lon..
 150 Watt clamp-on halogen lightFor indoor and outdoor use. Durable cast aluminum ..
 18-LED Headlamp Flashlight 3AAA18 White LEDs 2 RED Flashing LEDs 4 Stage Switch..
 3 LED Squeeze FlashlightThese handy 3 LED flashlights are inexpensive yet very effic..
 30 Hour Emergency CandleThis candle is a must in all survival kits. It lasts for 30 ho..
36-Hour Emergency Survival Candle: SKU EM-150 New
 36-Hour Emergency Survival CandleProvides both light and heat in emergencies. Lig..
36-LED Dynamo Wind-Up Lantern:  SKU EM-156 New
36-LED Dynamo Wind-Up LanternGreat lantern for a emergency situation! Never buy batteries..
 6V Spot Beam w/ Swivel Base & BatteryKrypton bulb with spare bulb holder Long..
 Auto Guardian Flashlight This emergency flashlight is a must have for every autom..
Box of Waterproof MatchesGreat matches that work when wet. Use at home, while camping or in an..
 Cyalume 12-Hour Green Lightstick 500-Case In an emergency situation, every se..
Dorcy Waterproof & Floating 3AA Flashlight: SKU EM-129 New
Dorcy Waterproof & Floating 3AA FlashlightThe 3AA – 4 LED Carabineer Flashlight f..