In our GEAR section we carry products such as Hand crank radio's, weather report radio's, gas masks, backpacks, light, communication equipment, BIO hazard filters, solar power, masks and more.


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 15  Function Stainless Steel Pocket Knife Knife is made of indestruct..
 150 Watt clamp-on halogen lightFor indoor and outdoor use. Durable cast aluminum ..
 16.5 in Zombie Killer Full Tang Machete Zombie Killer Full Tang machete Over..
 18-LED Headlamp Flashlight 3AAA18 White LEDs 2 RED Flashing LEDs 4 Stage Switch..
 19.5 in ZOMBIE Killer Parang MacheteZombie Killer Parang machete Overall Length: ..
 20 Pound Recurve Camo Training Bow  20 pound Camo Recurve Training Bo..
 ​​23 in ZOMBIE Killer Saw Back Machete Zombie Killer Full Tang machete wit..
 Full Tang Z Hunter Zombie Killer Full Tang macheteOverall Length: 25" Blade ..
 27 1/2 inch ZOMBIE Z Hunter Machete/ SwordZ Hunter Zombie Killer machete / Sword ..
 6 in 1 survival multi toolShovel, hatchet, hammer, saw, nail puller & can opene..
 Adventure Medical Rescue Flash Signal MirrorAdventure Medical Kits Rescue Flash Sign..
 Auto Guardian Flashlight This emergency flashlight is a must have for every autom..